Our Vision

Attini is designed by Platform engineers that want to automate their own work. We see a troublesome consequence of constantly evolving Cloud environments that organizations use for their applications. The fast evolution of Cloud services solves many problems. However, it also increases complexity. The industry’s response to this complexity are new CI/CD tools like “Infrastructure as Code (IaC)” and their abstractions “Cloud Development Kits (CDK)”.

So now, organizations use increasingly complex technologies to manage increasingly complex IT environments. To make matters worse, IaC is often combined with other management tools like configuration software (Ansible, Chef, etc.), serverless functions, build servers, and more. Together these factors make the Platform engineers work increasingly difficult.

This trend often results in complex manual maintenance, tightly coupled deployment processes, and complicated documentation. Attini is a hands-off deployment framework that structures your whole workflow. The Attini Framework will make it easy to reproduce any deployment, find drifts, compare IT environments and automate operational tasks.

We at Attini want Cloud environments to be easy to work with and quickly understood! We want to eliminate complex and repetitive manual work and make project handovers smooth and predictable.